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Are free cheats safe to use?

To be able to answer this question we have to deal with this topic a bit more. Which cheat is it? Is the cheat known or unknown? Is a .dll or an .exe provided for the Free Cheat? When was the CSGO Hack last updated? If we consider all these questions we can determine if a cheat is safe or not. Our team takes all these factors into account to find only the best cheats for you. So we can clearly say - yes, all free csgo cheats on our site are safe.

Free CS:GO Cheats

Are these Free CS:GO Hacks undetected for VAC?

To determine if a cheat is undetected or not we have to consider several factors. When was the CSGO hack last updated? Was there a new update of VAC (Valve Anti Cheat)? Many cheats do not work after CS:GO updates and have to be updated by yourself. We only provide you with undetected free CS:GO cheats. All cheats are undetected and safe to use. But if there is a risk we will mark the cheat accordingly.

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CSGO Cheats Main Account

Should I cheat in CS:GO on my main account?

Of course the CSGO hacks are undetected but there is always a residual risk. Therefore you should never cheat on your main account. We clearly recommend you to play only on a smurf account with our free csgo cheat. For your safety. The probability to get an overwatch ban in csgo is just too high.

Free CS:GO Cheats vs. Paid Cheats

The difference between free csgo hacks and paid cheats is mostly in the number of features and updates. Most paid csgo hacks are updated regularly and of course the best features are available. However, there are now very good free csgo cheats with the same features. If you can live with the fact that your cheat is not always automatically updated and you can do without a few features then we recommend you to use our csgo cheats. Because our cheats are for free and security (VAC) plays only a minor role.

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